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Evan Armstrong owner of Destiny Health
Managing Director

Evan Armstrong BEd(PE), BHSci, MPhysio, Dip Football Med.

I’ve been drawn to the gym lifestyle since my teenage years. As an aspiring footballer, I was introduced to health and fitness to prepare for matches and maximise my performance. I quickly caught the fitness bug and was inspired by the idea of athletic and physique development. I quickly grew to six foot 2 inches tall by my fourteenth birthday, and with this came an array of ‘growing pains’ and injuries. It was here that I was introduced to the local physios, and I came to idolise them and all their care and knowledge. This is when my great ambition was born, to one day own my very own private studio. When I was sixteen, I required a reconstructive operation to repair a fractured tibia and I spent even more time with the physios and in the gym. So much so that I took over Dad’s garage with my home gym gear. I think Dad must have wanted some space back, because he built a new shed for all of the gear. So with my new backyard gym shed, I started writing programs for the rest of my family and studying the science of strength and conditioning. It was in my school PE classes that I came to learn of the growing obesity epidemic and the future state of our country’s health. And so, my resolve to make a positive difference was strengthened. Fast forward several years and as a young physio, I came to understand the correlation more deeply, between physical and mental health, nutrition, fitness, pain and injury. I found myself in more and more conversations with my patients about strength and conditioning, daily nutrition and weight loss, in an attempt to keep their aches and pains at bay in the years ahead. My goal was then and still is now to improve the way people move and feel in the short term and the long term. I saw a need for my great passion within the community, with its own unique style. I envisioned a business promoting the gym lifestyle, fat loss, physique development and quality of movement. I saw a focus on reducing the risk of chronic aches and pains, whilst promoting the sub-culture of strength and conditioning, recreational bodybuilding. On February 6th 2021, Destiny Health was born, as my brother gave his nod of approval for our logo, and the initial Studio opened on July 1st 2021. And so it is, that I welcome you to Destiny Health, where ‘Goals Make Destiny.’ What goals can we help you with? – Evan Armstrong, Managing Director

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