3 Strategies to Overcome Procrastination

Starting your workout feel like a monstrous effort? Stuck on netflix? Perhaps making up little excuses? You are not alone!

These may all be signs of procrastinating, when we are putting off our training session or lifestyle improvement. The reasons for our procrastination are usually psychological, with a myriad of subconscious beliefs, feelings or thought patterns preventing us from taking action.

3 steps to overcome procrastination include:

1. Removing the distraction. For example, if we know watching those extra episodes are going to make us miss our session, we can remove them from that period of the day altogther. Tough love hey! But what is going to have the greatest effect on our lives long term? Getting that next ‘House of Cards’ fix or crushing a regular workout routine? The choice is ours.

2. Journalling a list of pros and cons for staying the same or making that change we so deeply want to make. What are the cons of not hitting our workout targets? What are the pros? Understanding our deepest reasons for improvement are a surefire way to make our actions flow more easily!

3. Keeping a list of non-negotiables for our health and fitness. What will we no longer tolerate in this part of our lives? One non-negotiable might be, “no matter how I feel after work, I will still call through the gym after work, for at least 20 minutes.” Then we need to hold ourselves accountable to it.

Let us know if any of these strategies help you find your MOJO!

Live your best life, because you deserve it!

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