Delicious Home Made Pizza

That fresh home cheat meal to have some fun!

Time taken: Approx 35 min


Chopped fresh mixed veg of choice 1 cup

Grated cheese of choice, 1/3 cup

Shredded ham, 1/3 cup

Medium wholemeal pizza base (Coles etc)

Tomato paste 1 tablespoon

Diced meat aka chicken, prawns 1/2 cup


Pre heat oven to 160-170 degrees

Meanwhile, spread tomato paste on pizza base

Sprinkle ham on base evenly

Sprinkle on meat and veg evenly

Sprinkle on cheese evenly

Put on tray, in hot oven

Check progress every 5-10 minutes

Remove when cheese golden brown / your liking

Approx 20 min total cook time


Approx 500-600 calories

Approx 30-35 grams protein

Approx 60-65 grams carbs

Approx 15-20 grams fat

Best Served on movie night, games night or when watching your team play on tellie 🙂