Our Do’s & Don’ts for General Weight Loss

It can be difficult to separate the emotional and mental challenges that come with the weight loss journey. There’s ups and downs, may be some hunger and a lot of patience and committment is required. At Destiny Health, we recommend the following in order to smooth out the journey a bit.

DO have a realistic goal. Make it sensible, sustainable and achievable. You can always build on it later.

DO have a Nutrition Program. Take out the guess work and know your targets.

DO have an Exercsie Program. Burn the calories and boost the metabolism.

DO take in essential nutients. Remember you are doing this to BETTER your health, not WORSEN it. The body needs regular calcium, Vitamin C, fibre etc. etc.

DO have a program end date. This will help you stay committed to your goal and keep your eyes on the prize!

DO NOT follow strange fads. That ‘grapefruit diet’ from the supermarket magazine will not cover all of your nutrient requirements and will not be sustainable. Ain’t nobody carving a nice physique on fruit juice alone!

DO NOT go too hard too early. A massive cut in calories is likely to not be sustainable and the drastic change mentally could prove to derail your progress.

At Destiny Health, our Nutrition Programs are prescribed with your needs in mind. We use the latest software designed by dieticians to maximise your health and progress.

Appointments are available via Telehealth or In Person.

(Medical Disclaimer: this is general information only and not specific advice for any one individual. If you have a medical condition such as diabetes or heart disease, please speak with your Physician and / or Registered Dietician).

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