Being your own ‘aches and pains’ detective!

Do the following terms sound familiar?

“Where is this pain coming from?”

“Why does it hurt I’m not even moving?”

“I knew that would catch up with me!”

How true it can feel that pain can occur whilst we aren’t actually doing anything strenuous!

You are not alone. Perhaps it’s ‘discogenic’ low back pain from sitting too long on that train yesterday. Or rotator cuff pain from belting the cover off that tennis ball two days ago. Or perhaps the hammies are starting to speak up after that staff soccer game.

If we can learn to look back at the patterns of our pain, then we can make smarter choices to ‘self-manage’ a little more in the future.

We might stand during the train ride for bit, take 10% heat off the top spin, or even warm up a little before mimicking Ronaldo. Easier said than done? Join the club.

Whilst the memory of our symptoms are still fresh for a few weeks, we can strategise and manage ourselves better, having been our own detectives (well, until that next staff soccer game beckons).

Reach out today for any assistance needed with your health and fitness goals. We will always promote self-management strategies.

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