If Your Body Was A Million Dollar Racehorse

If your body were a million-dollar racehorse,

Would you treat it like a treasure, of course?

With every step and every stride,

Would you let it thrive and not hide?

Tell me, would you carefully watch its diet,

Feeding it nutritious foods, just right?

Or would you indulge in unhealthy fare,

Knowing the consequences it would bear?

If your body were a champion steed,

Would you fulfill its exercise need?

With rigorous workouts and daily sweat,

Would you push it further, without regret?

Imagine, would you subject it to harm,

With vices like smoking, causing alarm?

Or would you shield it from toxic fumes,

Preserving its strength, avoiding dooms?

Consider, would you neglect its care,

Ignoring warning signs in the air?

Or would you listen to its every plea,

Respecting its needs, setting it free?

Reflect on the worth of your own frame,

Beyond the price tag, its true claim.

A vessel unique, no price can define,

A body so precious, it’s yours and mine.

So, I ask you now, in every course,

Will you treat your body like a million-dollar racehorse?

With love and care, let it soar and gallop,

For its value and health, never to drop.

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